Hobson Wildenthal Honors College at UT Dallas

Applying for the Worsfold Grant Program


Activities eligible for funding will:

  • be led by one or more UT Dallas students or a UT Dallas student organization;
  • address challenges faced by the UT Dallas, local and/or global community, including but not limited to poverty, support for education, support for the arts and cultural awareness;
  • be supported by a UT Dallas faculty or staff member as evidenced by a signed letter;
  • have a documented budget; and
  • have a documented plan for evaluating the success of the proposed activity

Application Deadlines

Fall Application Deadline: October 1
Spring Application Deadline: February 15

Worsfold Grant Program Application

At the completion of the project, grant recipients shall submit a report on the specific use of granted funds and an evaluation of the project to HonorsCollege@utdallas.edu.