Hobson Wildenthal Honors College at UT Dallas

Applying for Terry Foundation Scholarships – Traditional Program

If you are interested in applying for Terry Foundation Traditional Scholarships at UT Dallas, please review the qualifications below.

  • Graduating senior of a Texas high school or home school
  • Acceptance to The University of Texas at Dallas (fall only)
  • Demonstrate a strong record of academic achievement
  • Exhibit a notable record of leadership and volunteerism
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) review – eligibility for need-based aid is not a requirement to receive the scholarship
  • Net annual family income - $100,000 and below (subject to a case-by-case review)
  • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident
  • Texas resident

Application Information

The application will be available early October. Applications can be found online in your Orion portal. (Visit Galaxy > Self-Service > Terry Scholarship Application) Please email terryscholars@utdallas.edu with any questions.

In addition to the application, the following is required:

  • Official copy of high school transcript (since we are not able to access transcripts submitted to UT Dallas Admissions).
  • Two letters of recommendation (at least one from a high school teacher)

Deadline: January 1 for students; January 10 for recommendations and transcripts

Short Answer Questions (250 words each)

  • Why have you chosen to apply to UT Dallas?
  • Please list up to six universities to which you have applied or plan to apply (include UT Dallas).
  • Why have you selected your major?
  • What are your future goals and objectives (include any educational or post-baccalaureate plans).

Two Essays from the Terry Foundation (500-750 words each) about your personal story

Essay Questions (300-500 words each)

  • Please describe yourself. How would others describe you?
  • The UT Dallas Terry Scholars have a student organization and the Terry Foundation requires participation. The scholars meet regularly to determine service, social, and cultural events. There are leadership opportunities as well. Explain how you would contribute to the student organization.
  • Select two extracurricular activities you participate in. Why do you participate?
  • What is your philosophy on service? Why is serving others important to you?
  • Why are you a good candidate to receive this award? What will you do if you do not receive this award?
  • What do you hope to accomplish while at UT Dallas?

Other Important Information

  • Terry Foundation Scholarship recipients participate in the prestigious Terry Scholars Program.
  • In order to have access to the Terry scholarship application, you must be fully admitted to UT Dallas – often this means UT Dallas admittance by 12/1.
  • Apply for on-campus housing, if selected as a Terry scholar (Terry Scholars are required to live in the residence hall their first year).
  • The four-year award is over $130,000 (encompasses Terry award and financial aid, if applicable).