Hobson Wildenthal Honors College at UT Dallas

UT Dallas Debate

Established in the Fall of 1996, UT Dallas Debate has distinguished itself as one of the premier destinations in inter-collegiate debate, consistently ranking in the top 25 debate programs nationally. Students engaged in college debate devote hundreds of hours per season researching and defending a specific policy resolution against some of the nation’s most prestigious academic institutions, in the process gaining a graduate-level understanding of complex social and political issues. Competitive debate is a tool with a 2,500-year history at the heart of the Western intellectual tradition. Debate teaches valuable skills such as persuasion, public speaking, research and ethics. Cross-Examination (CX) debate develops other valuable skills, such as critical thinking, listening, argument construction, and advocacy.

Over the last decade UT Dallas Debate has received multiple first round at-large bids to the National Debate Tournament (NDT), competed in the late elimination rounds of the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) national tournament and every major national invitational, been invited to participate in every major collegiate round robin and produced two National Debater of the Year winners (Brian Rubaie & Anthony Ogbuli).

Recruiting outstanding debaters and scholars from all over the nation and offering highly competitive scholarships for excellence in debate and academics, UT Dallas provides an opportunity to contribute to a unique debate environment, where coaches, students and university come together to build new traditions and continue a legacy of competitive excellence in college debate.

Overall, the intense nature of intercollegiate debate combined with the quality of students attracted and the inherent educational process of competitive debate, offers students unparalleled opportunities to enhance their academic experience, their professional skills and their interpersonal relationships.