Hobson Wildenthal Honors College at UT Dallas

CV Program Requirements

Graduating with Collegium V Honors

Please see our Guidebook for Graduating with CV Honors. Successful completion of the CV Honors Program is noted on the graduate’s diploma and transcript. To earn CV Honors, students are required to graduate with a 3.5 GPA and earn 24 credit hours in honors related work by graduation. A minimum of 12 hours of Collegium V credit must be earned from Collegium V classes. Up to 12 hours may be earned through approved honors level work, including undergraduate honors classes, graduate classes, research or internship projects taken as independent studies, university accredited travel abroad class work, and "contract" courses. Students must successfully complete and present an approved honors thesis.

Continuing Eligibility Requirements

Students must make progress each year towards completing the 24 credit hour requirement and maintain a minimum grade point average to continue their participation in the honors program and remain eligible for graduation with Collegium V honors. Students must meet the following minimum GPA standards:

  • End of Freshman year: 3.2
  • End of Sophomore year: 3.3
  • End of Junior year: 3.4
  • Graduation: 3.5

Earning Honors Credit

A student earns Collegium V credit upon the successful completion of an honors course listed in the Collegium V class schedule. Students must receive a minimum of 12 hours of classroom/proper Collegium V credit and a total of 24 CV hours overall by graduation. Advanced CV hours can be validated by submitting these forms:

CS2 Honors, DMHP Honors or Graduate Class

Email CV advisor to pull from transcript if B- or higher is earned.

Internship (see additional instructions on form), Research, Independent Study, Contract Class, Study Abroad or New Language:


Debate, Green Fellowship, Innocence Project, Mediation, Mock Trial, Model UN, Moot Court

Email CV advisor with confirmation of participation.