Hobson Wildenthal Honors College at UT Dallas

CV Frequently Asked Questions

  • CV Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the other requirements for graduating with Collegium V honors?
  • How do Collegium V classes differ from other university classes?
  • What honors classes have been offered by Collegium V?
  • May I participate in disciplinary honors programs?
  • Does Collegium V just mean more work and study?
  • Will participation in Collegium V mean taking more classes?
  • Will work in Collegium V hurt my grades?
  • Why are there no CV classes in my major?
  • What happens to my advanced placement credits in the honors program?
  • What else does Collegium V offer?
  • What if I do not want to complete Collegium V?
  • What kind of recognition will I receive for participating in Collegium V?
  • When do I apply to CV?
  • When does CV begin admitting students?
  • May upperclassmen apply to CV?
  • May I discuss CV with someone while visiting the campus?
  • I have been accepted to UT Dallas with a merit-based Academic Excellence Scholarship. Does this mean I have also been admitted to Collegium V?
  • Is there honors housing?
  • What is the next step if I am interested?
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