Hobson Wildenthal Honors College at UT Dallas

CV Continuing Student Resources

Advising & Appointments

Students are encouraged to meet with their CV Advisor at least once per academic year to review their progress toward completing the CV honors requirements. Appointments are booked through GenBook and your advisor is assigned based on your last name.


Documents & Forms

Guidebook - The Guidebook is meant to assist you in knowing the CV program requirements and how to complete the necessary coursework.

Four-Year Plan - The four-year plan was created to help guide you through things to consider each year. Please use this as a tool for what is expected of you and what you can get from your Collegium V Advisor.

Contract Course Form – Please print and complete this form with your instructor. Once you have completed the form you will submit it to the HWHC office for review.

Verification of Advanced Hours – The Verification of Advanced Hours Form is used to verify the work you completed for internships, study abroad, research, or teaching experiences. You must complete and attach the form with your advanced hours submission.

Advanced CV hours can be validated through the means below:

CS^2 Honors, DMHP Honors, or Graduate Class

Email CV advisor to pull from transcript if B- or higher is earned.

Debate, Green Fellowship, Innocence Project, Mediation, Mock Trial, Model UN, Moot Court, TLIP, or Archer Fellowship

Email CV advisor with confirmation of participation.

Contract Course

Complete the contract course form at the beginning of the semester for approval. You will collect and return the form the last week of classes.

Internship1, Research, Independent Study, Study Abroad, Supervised Teaching Experience2, UEMR – EMT Certification, or New Language


  1. Includes approved internships for academic credit, as well as approved internships for which students are not receiving academic credit. Students must read Jamie Fedorko’s The Intern Files (available in the CV Library) and complete 1-page review of the book within a month of beginning the internship and a 2-page explanation of their contribution to the internship at the end. For a second internship you must read Daly’s Advocacy chapters 5, 8, and 13, and complete a 1-page review of the chapters within a month of beginning the internship and a 2-page explanation of your contribution to the internship at the end.
  2. Includes leading Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL), Supplemental Instruction (SI), Teaching Assistant (TA), and Student Teaching. Students must write a 3-page explanation of their contribution to the experience at the end of the semester.

Events & Attendance

You must attend one HWHC event per academic year. You can register for events through EventBrite.

For details regarding which events will fulfill your CV event requirement please review this information page.