Hobson Wildenthal Honors College at UT Dallas

The UT Dallas Collegium V Honors Program

The University of Texas at Dallas commitment to excellence in teaching and research extends to every aspect of academic life in the university. The Collegium V Honors Program (col·le·gi·um five) provides a four-year honors experience that encourages intellectually creative, inquisitive, and highly motivated students to extend their educational experience beyond the scope of the traditional undergraduate curriculum. Small classes, innovative instruction, world class faculty, bright and inquisitive colleagues, and an array of extracurricular events offer Collegium V members special opportunities for professional and personal growth at the university.

The Collegium V Honors Program uses three pillars to support the program philosophy in a student’s academic life.

  • Collegium V honors classes encourage student participation through high quality instruction and small class size.
  • Collegium V facilitates mentoring relationships between faculty and students, providing career counseling and excellent letters of reference.
  • The Collegium V lounge and classroom space celebrates academic inquiry and intellectual discipline through planned and spontaneous collaboration.

Through these program components, Collegium V students engage in frequent intellectual discussions with professors, mentors and peers that compliment the broad range of academic and student life experiences that characterize a UT Dallas undergraduate education.

Collegium V Student Profile

Collegium V Philosophy

Philosophers once believed that the universe was composed of four physical essences (earth, air, fire & water). A fifth essence (from which we get the words "quintessence" and “quintessential”) gave vitality and spiritual meaning to the merely physical. A university education typically consists of four years. Collegium V is our attempt to bring to these four elemental years a fifth component that will provide academically gifted and ambitious students the quintessence of a truly superior education.

In the context of university excellence, the goals of Collegium V are:

  • to respond to the academic needs of our most outstanding and academically ambitious students
  • to offer creative, challenging honors instruction that enriches the learning experience for both students and faculty by emphasizing interdisciplinarity
  • to promote and facilitate closer, more productive interaction among students and faculty
  • to nurture the highest level and quality of intellectual conversation on campus
  • to promote undergraduate scholarship and research across all disciplines of the university