Hobson Wildenthal Honors College at UT Dallas

CV Program Requirements

Graduating with Collegium V Honors

Successful completion of the CV Honors Program is noted on the graduate’s diploma and transcript. To earn CV Honors, students are required to graduate with a 3.5 GPA and earn 24 credit hours in honors related work by graduation. A minimum of 12 hours of Collegium V credit must be earned from Collegium V classes. Up to 12 hours may be earned through approved honors level work, including undergraduate honors classes, graduate classes, research or internship projects taken as independent studies, university accredited travel abroad class work, and "contract" courses. Students must successfully complete and present an approved honors thesis.

Continuing Eligibility Requirements

Students must make progress each year towards completing the 24 credit hour requirement and maintain a minimum grade point average to continue their participation in the honors program and remain eligible for graduation with Collegium V honors. Students must meet the following minimum GPA standards:

  • End of Freshman year: 3.2
  • End of Sophomore year: 3.3
  • End of Junior year: 3.4
  • Graduation: 3.5

The Collegium V staff will review your record with you each fall to determine the best path for program completion. Please schedule an appointment with Valerie Brunell or Sheila Kelly early in the semester. Be sure to update all information such as change of permanent address or telephone number and projected date of graduation. You must register for your CV classes through Sheila Kelly at (972) 883-4297 or or through Valerie Brunell at vbrunell@utdallas.edu. If you are planning to take any upper level classes for CV credit, be sure to complete the proper upper level credit form which can be found in eLearning.

Earning Honors Credit

Collegium V Classes

A student earns Collegium V credit upon the successful completion of an honors course listed in the Collegium V class schedule. Students must receive a minimum of 12 hours of Collegium V credit in this manner.

Approved Graduate Classes

Students may earn Collegium V credit through the successful completion of an approved graduate level course at UT Dallas. To receive approval for Collegium V credit, a student must file a Graduate Class Approval Form with the Collegium V office by the current semester's Census Day.

Approved Research and Internship Projects

Students seeking to take an independent study relating to research or an internship must file an Independent Study and Research Form with the Director's office by the current semester's Census Day. The form includes a brief description of the proposed project and requires the supervising faculty member's signature.

Approved Contract Courses

A regularly scheduled course may be transformed into a course for Collegium V credit by contracting with the faculty member to do extra work in the course (roughly 2 extra hours of work per week). The Contract Class Form, which outlines the general work, must be approved by the faculty member and the Honors Director by the current semester's Census Day. Work must be completed by the last day of scheduled classes and a completion form signed by the faculty member submitted to the Director. It is the responsibility of the student to identify a suitable project and to complete the extra work in a timely fashion by the last day of classes. In most cases, extra enrichment work for Collegium V is not included in the class grade.

Approved Language Courses

Students seeking to take a language course for Collegium V credit must file a Language Class Form with the Director's office.

Study Abroad

Students seeking to apply study abroad experiences to Collegium V credit must file a Study Abroad Form with the Director's office.

Non CV Honors Class Form

Students seeking to apply credit from honors courses offered outside of Collegium V must file a Non CV Honors Class Form with the Director’s office.