Hobson Wildenthal Honors College at UT Dallas

Applying for Terry Foundation Transfer Scholarships

If you are interested in applying for Terry Foundation Transfer Scholarships at UT Dallas, please review the following information:

Deadline date: April 15

Required documents: completed application, sealed transcript(s) and up to one letter of recommendation (optional but highly recommended).

The letter of recommendation may be submitted to but it must be sent directly from the recommender's e-mail.

Official transcripts must be mailed to the address below:

UT Dallas Terry Scholars Program
800 W. Campbell Road, GC 10
Richardson, TX 75080 3021

Request an Application

The application will be available starting January 15th. Please e-mail to request an application.

Essay Questions

  1. It has been our experience that every transfer/non-traditional student has a story to tell about their background and the road they have taken to get to this point. Some did not complete high school, but received a GED. Some went directly from high school to community colleges. Others went from high school to the military or work force. Still others describe a particular event or moment when they discovered what they wanted to achieve and what was needed to accomplish their goals. Please tell us the story of your journey to arrive at the decision to study at your chosen university.
  2. Transfer/non-traditional students often tell us that their prior experience has taught them lessons that helped them to be successful. What lessons have you learned that you would like to pass on to other students?
  3. If there has been a particularly influential faculty member or personal contact who has been instrumental in your decision to attend your chosen university, please describe that experience.
  4. Please provide any other information that you believe is important to us in reaching a decision as to whether to provide you with a scholarship to attend your chosen institution.

Short Answer Questions

  1. Why have you chosen to apply to the University of Texas at Dallas?
  2. List in order of preference the top six colleges/universities that you are considering attending including UTD.
  3. In the space below, please tell us why you have selected your major.

Other Important Information

Terry Foundation Scholarship recipients participate in the prestigious Terry Scholars Program.

In order to receive an application, you must have applied to UT Dallas.

Please note that we will not be able to access transcripts previously submitted to UTD Admissions.