Hobson Wildenthal Honors College at UT Dallas

CV Honors Graduation Requirements

Successful completion of the CV Honors Program is noted on the graduate’s diploma and transcript. To earn CV Honors, students are required to graduate with a 3.5 GPA, earn 24 credit hours in honors related work by graduation, and successfully complete and present an approved honors capstone project. The following guidelines and templates are designed to assist students with this final requirement.

Getting Started

The Collegium V Honors capstone project requirement is designed to be flexible in order to maximize its relevance to the individual student. Engineering and Computer Science students can satisfy this requirement with their Senior Design Project. Arts and Technology students and Emerging Media and Communication students can satisfy this requirement with the Capstone required for their respective major. Students completing a senior thesis to graduate with major honors in their academic discipline can also use that thesis to satisfy the Collegium V honors capstone project.

If your major does not require a senior project or capstone and you are not completing a major honors thesis, you can select a topic of interest and an honors faculty supervisor. Students are encouraged to explore academic topics of personal interest, even if they are unrelated to a student’s major or professional career.

The Collegium V Honors Program will approve each topic based on the student’s proposal and justification.

Poster and Presentation Guidance

All students are required to present a poster summarizing their capstone project. The resources below will help students with drafting, editing, and presenting components of their project.

CV Honors Capstone Poster Templates

The templates below should serve as a starting point for a senior poster. All posters are 24x36 in size and horizontal.

Creating Posters

Presentation Tips

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