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Welcome back to all returning CV students. We are looking forward to another fulfilling semester and its culmination with the presentation of the senior honors theses from the next cohort of graduates. After you settle back into classes, it will be time to begin thinking about next summer. Set up a meeting with our staff, if you want to talk through your possibilities. We have an exciting year ahead.

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Other CV News and Information

  • We encourage everyone to visit the atrium of the Green Center and view the final senior projects that were completed last spring.
  • The CV Lounge is open for business. If you are a new student and need access, contact Wendi Kavanaugh at 972-883-4295 or wendik@utdallas.edu.
  • Students planning to graduate in this coming Spring or Fall should schedule an appointment with Ms. Kelly or Mr. Muenks to review their files.
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