Hobson Wildenthal Honors College at UT Dallas

Alumni Spotlights

Siddhartha “Sidd” Srivastava, BS ‘14

Hometown: Round Rock, Texas
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Business Administration
Honors College Involvement: National Merit Scholar, Collegium V
Neuroscience Major Shows His Brainpower with Perfect MCAT Score

Med School: The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

What do you think the greatest strengths of UT Dallas, the National Merit Program and community were for you?
For me, the greatest strength of attending UTD under the National Merit program was the availability of faculty and close mentorship. I would often walk straight to the professor’s offices in the 2nd floor of the CV building and simply ask if the professor I wanted to meet with was available. They almost always were and I’d ask my questions, whether it be about classes, extracurriculars, or just life in general. Regardless of my questions, the staff were always friendly and guided my decisions and experiences at UTD. Even a 10 minute visit could take me from being completely confused/worried about my situation to feeling confident and determined about the future. What sticks with me today is knowing that the faculty genuinely wanted to see the students succeed and did everything they could to make that possible. I know without a doubt that if I did not have these mentors helping me, I would not have ended up where I am now.

Waqas Haque, BS ‘14

Hometown: Plano, Texas
Major: Economics
Honors College Involvement: Collegium V

Med School: UTSW
Specialty: Internal Medicine
Year of Completion: 2021

Interesting Fact:
I studied at the University of Cambridge between UTD and med school.

My favorite memory of the Honors College:
I loved working in the CV Lounge surrounded by very ambitious and friendly people.

How UTD and the Honors College helped prepare me for med school:
The medical readings courses enriched my knowledge of various ethical and historical issues in medicine that still benefit me today in discussions with clinicians, patients, and other workers in healthcare.

Pranali Kamat, BS ‘17

Hometown: Allen, Texas
Major: Neuroscience
Honors College Involvement: Collegium V & Terry Scholars

Med School: UT Health Science Center at Houston
Specialty: MD
Year of Completion: 2022

Interesting Fact:
I can play piano by ear. It is challenging but so rewarding when you’ve figured out how to play a song without sheet music.

My favorite memory of the Honors College:
I loved having the opportunity to go see shows through the Thomsen Fund and Honors Night Out. I was a performing arts minor and I really love acting and theater. Being able to experience live theater was such a wonderful experience. It was also a great opportunity to interact with other students and faculty in the Honors College.

How UTD and the Honors College helped prepare me for med school:
My education at UTD and the Honors College served as a great stepping stone into medical school. Being a neuroscience major, I had the opportunity to take a variety of courses that allowed me to learn more about how the brain works and also learn how to succeed in more rigorous coursework. Because many of the neuroscience courses at UTD are very medically oriented and require you to memorize and understand a lot of detailed information, I was able to develop good study strategies in college that I took with me to medical school. The Honors College specifically does a great job of offering courses that intersect medicine and humanities. One particular readings class (Politics, Medicine, and Philosophy), was very insightful. Both Dr. Edward Harpham and Dr. Wendy Harpham had us read several different books and engage in some pretty thought-provoking discussions. They both have so much knowledge about various topics and offer such great insight. I definitely think about the themes we discussed in that class as I talk to patients and go through my medical school coursework.

Brooklynne Palmer, BS ‘18

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
Majors: Biology & Neuroscience
Honors College Involvement: Collegium V & Terry Scholars

Med School: UTSW
Specialty: MD/MPH
Year of Completion: 2023

Interesting Fact:
I took photos for local restaurants when I traveled through Europe during my gap year.

My favorite memory of UTD:
I loved connecting and working with the other RAs on campus.

How UTD and the Honors College helped prepare me for med school:
Having access to insightful and experienced mentors and professors was insanely beneficial, both personally and professionally. Also, having resources to programs and educational tools led me to having unique and enjoying experiences that really helped me as an applicant.