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CV Frequently Asked Questions

CV Frequently Asked Questions
Collegium V blends the resources of a research university with the advantages of a selective liberal arts college. This program offers special opportunities for academic and personal growth. You will become part of a supportive community of professors and scholars who interact frequently with one another inside and outside the classroom. Classes are small and taught by the university's most accomplished teachers. Research opportunities are encouraged and supported. A wide range of extra-curricular events will enable you to explore ideas outside the traditional classroom.
What are the other requirements for graduating with Collegium V honors?
Along with the required 24 credits of Collegium V courses, students must be full-time students and be making progress toward a final GPA of 3.5 or better. In their senior year, students must complete a senior thesis or senior project. They also must participate in a select number of extra-curricular events over the course of their academic career.
How do Collegium V classes differ from other university classes?
Collegium V class enrollments are capped at 20-25 students. Faculty are encouraged to explore innovative ways of delivering material to students in the classroom. Faculty members teaching Collegium V classes are among the top teachers and researchers on campus in their field.
What honors classes have been offered by Collegium V?
Collegium V regularly offers a wide range of courses in the core curriculum in chemistry, physics, engineering, government, history, humanities, arts and performance, psychology, sociology, rhetoric, and computer science. Specialized upper-level classes have also been offered in electrical engineering, computer science, geoscience, cognitive science, ethics, law, literary studies, and history.
May I participate in disciplinary honors programs?
Yes. CV students are encouraged to participate in disciplinary honors programs. CV students are also encouraged to pursue disciplinary research honors in their major as part of their CV curriculum.
Does Collegium V just mean more work and study?
No. Collegium V classes are meant to expand the depth and breadth of the classroom experience, not assign more work. The program courses allow greater student participation in discussions and opportunities for in-depth study of a subject. The assignments in a Collegium V classroom are stimulating and intellectually challenging.
Will participation in Collegium V mean taking more classes?
No. Collegium V requirements can be met as you pursue a typical degree plan in your major. During your freshman and sophomore years, you will take 12 credits (four 3-credit courses) of specially designed Collegium V honors classes as part of your regular general education core classes. In your junior and senior years, you will take an additional 12 credits of upper-level Collegium V seminars, internships, travel abroad class work, or honors research. Students entering after their freshman year will have requirements set for them based on previous academic achievement and experience.
Will work in Collegium V hurt my grades?
No. Collegium V students are not graded on a curve in their Collegium V classes; grades are based on the quality of a student's work.
Why are there no CV classes in my major?
Most organized CV classes are in subjects related to the common core required of all students. There are a few upper level classes offered of broad intellectual interest with no pre-requisites. Most students do not generally take honors work in their majors until their junior and senior years. Honors work in one's major can be taken in a variety of ways including contract classes, disciplinary honors classes, graduate courses, research projects, study abroad, disciplinary internships, and senior theses.
What happens to my advanced placement credits in the honors program?
Collegium V students often enter the program with a great number of AP hours. Advanced placement is credited to a student by the university, not the honors program. If you have many AP hours and have taken much of the common core, you should discuss your situation with the program coordinator.
What else does Collegium V offer?
Collegium V is more than a classroom honors program, offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities and academic enrichment opportunities. Members have special access to the Collegium V lounge on the first floor of the Green Center for Undergraduate Education 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The lounge houses two computer rooms, the Alexander Clark Reading Library, a tv/video room, and a small kitchen area. The lounge is a meeting ground for honors students seeking a place to work, relax, and make new friends. Many extra-curricular events take place in the lounge including a weekly coffee social (Java Friday) and occasional movie nights. Members also receive tickets to on-campus and off-campus cultural events, including the Dallas Symphony and other local concerts, performances, exhibits and plays.
What if I do not want to complete Collegium V?
As long as you maintain the minimum participation requirements, the decision to remain in the program is entirely your own. All credits earned in Collegium V courses count toward degree and graduation requirements whether or not you stay in the program.
What kind of recognition will I receive for participating in Collegium V?
Collegium V classes are identified on your transcript as honors classes. Upon graduation you will receive a medallion, a lapel pin, special designation on your diploma, and recognition in the commencement program. CV graduates also wear special dark green gowns at graduation to distinguish them from other graduates.
When do I apply to CV?
Students apply to CV in the spring of their senior year in high school after being admitted to UT Dallas.
When does CV begin admitting students?
Collegium V begins admitting students on February 1st on a rolling basis.
May upperclassmen apply to CV?
Generally not. There are a small number of openings available to freshmen who have excelled during their first semester at UT Dallas. Applications will be reviewed by mid-December. Juniors who have participated in Junior College Honors Programs that have an articulation agreement with UT Dallas may also apply upon entering UT Dallas.
May I discuss CV with someone while visiting the campus?
Yes. We encourage students who are interested in CV to visit the campus and meet with the honors director to discuss the program. Appointments should be scheduled through the Program Coordinator for the Honors Program, by email or by phone at 972-883-4297.
I have been accepted to UT Dallas with a merit-based Academic Excellence Scholarship. Does this mean I have also been admitted to Collegium V?
No. The Collegium V Honors Program is independent of the Academic Excellence Scholarship program. Students admitted to UT Dallas are automatically considered for the Academic Excellence Scholarship without an additional application. To join CV, students must submit an application directly to the honors program. Students will be admitted beginning on February 1st on a rolling basis. For more information regarding the Collegium V application, please contact by email or by phone at 972-883-4297.
Is there honors housing?
No. Students may request a CV roommate in their freshman year through student housing. Many CV members end up rooming together on campus in their sophomore, junior, and senior years.
What is the next step if I am interested?
Submit a completed application form and two letters of recommendation. You may request an application form by , phone (972-883-4297), or by mail at our mailing address:

Collegium V Honors Program
The University of Texas at Dallas
800 W. Campbell Road, GC 10
Richardson, Texas 75080-3021.